Khandams (Chapters) Of Naadi Astrology

Khandam One (Chapter 1) : Generalized Report

The consultants Year, Month, Date, Day that is Date of Birth, Birth Star, Lagan (ascended shine) and also about his/her entire life’s General Predictions from this age to his or her’s life time in briefly.

Khandam Two (Chapter 2) : Education & Wealth

The consultants Manners or Power of Speech. Money Matters, Family and Educations & Eye –sight in Detail.

Khandam Three (Chapter 3) : Brothers & Sisters

Number of Brothers and Sisters, Benefits and problems from them, Danger and Difficulties in life & about the consultants’ courage in Detail.

Khandam Four (Chapter 4) : Mother, Assets & Fortune

About the consultants Mother, her health & life longevity and her death in detail.

Khandam Five (Chapter 5) : Children, Off Springs, Progeny & Pregnancy

Birth of the children, Number of Male or Female and their Diseases, Danger, Death, Education, Career Benefits or Problems from them and reasons for absence or delay of issues etc.

Khandam Six (Chapter 6) : Disease, Dept & Litigation

Diseases, Debits, Litigation, Enemies when will these Problems arise and when they will disappear as accurate & in detail.

Khandam Seven (Chapter 7) : Matrimony

Marriage when it will take place, with whom, the nature of Bride or Groom, One or Two Marriages, from which direction the marriage proposal will come and at what Distance. The Physical features of the Bride/Groom’s looks, appearance, character, Name, Reason for Delaying Marriage & about Married life Danger in the period of Married life or separation. Property or Gains from Bride or Groom in Detail.

Khandam Eight (Chapter 8) : Life Span

The consultants Life Longevity (Life-Span), How long will be the life, and at which period the danger and problems will arise, when death will occur and in which Month, Year, Day, Star, Thithi, Hora and Whether death occurs in native’s Own house or outside of by accident, disease in Detail.

Khandam Nine (Chapter 9) : Property, Father, Spiritual Inclinations

The Life Longevity of the consultants Father in detail about getting father’s properties, Father’s Diseases, Dangers in his life, his death time, period of following a Guru, establishing Temples Monasteries, wells & spirituality in detail.

Khandam Ten (Chapter 10) : Business

The Consultants Occupation, Occupation during different age periods. The times of raise and fall in your career, Transfer or Promotion in job. Whether Joint Business or Own Business is good for the consultant and in whose name the business should be in detail.

Khandam Eleven (Chapter 11) : Conveyance, Second Marriage

Profits in which age the same will come, about second marriage, Second Husband or wife’s Detail and the Benefits and problems from them and also about lucky opportunities in the consultant’s life.

Khandam Twelve (Chapter 12) : Expenditure, Foreign Connections, Next Birth

Rebirth/Wastage (Losses): How and during what age it will occur? Foreign trips, political life, Rebirth, Bed comforts, Moksham in Detail & as accurate.

Shanthi Khandam

The solutions for the problems mentioned in all the above 12 kaandams, Details about the consultant’s previous birth, the sins committed by them by which it affects them in this birth and solutions to clear their karma.


Black Magic against the Native by the enemies, Ancestor’s curse, other’s jealousy and proudness, How to overcome and the results arising out of it, how to get improvement in business and profession, Success in court cases, Marriage and Education, to achieve all this Mantra to chant, How many time to chant the Mantra and how to wear the Locket etc.


What is the disease? The Medicine for the Disease? How to use the Medicine, when the disease will be cured in detail.


Development of spirituality, the possibility of attaining wisdom and God. The Guru or preceptor from whom to get Wisdom or Diksha in Detail.


The happenings according to the life Bhukthis in various Dhisa’s of the consultant.

A full Horoscope will be prepared from the Naadi palm leaf for those who do not have the Birth Details. Other than it we provide prasana chapter, political chapter, kochara shanthi chapter.