About Us

This is the official website of Guru Ji L.Subramaniyan. Sri Agasthiya Nadi Astrology centre, Chidambaram.

Guru Ji L.Subramaniyan is the most renowned Nadi Astrologer in the world. We can take the pride in saying that this center is the oldest Nadi astrological center in the world and the most well known throughout the world. We are now in our 6th generation of this divine service to the blessed people all over the globe after carrying on this service from our forefathers.


Predicting Future

The science of Nadi Astrology has been one of most accurate ways of predicting an individual's future. It has benefited thousands of people around the globe and has given them better guidance in their life decisions.

Each and every human beings future prospect have been contributed through the palm leaves and read six generations of our family. It suits for all countries of the world. Using the modern reach of knowledge through the internet, we are now bringing this service for the benefit of people around the globe.

We solve your problems

Nadi Navalar Parthiv
Chief Nadi Astrologer Vijay Swamy